Your Dreams Matter: Start saying “No”

We’re obsessed with getting better.

We’re taught to do everything.

We feel guilty for not going to that event. We feel guilty for not calling someone back. We feel guilty for not doing that favor.

Serving others is great. I know, give before you get, right? Cool. That’s great.

But not when it leaves you no time to crush it on your own work.

When’s the last time you carved out a few hours for YOUR THING? Do you even have a side project right now? Is there a block of time on your calender in the next two months to take action on your dream?

Say no.

Be selfish with your time. Your dreams matter more than anything else. They’re why you have breath.

Cut the crap. Get jealous of your own time. Act, Build and Execute.

You do far more good for those around you, and the world as a whole, by taking small steps towards your dreams than by constantly doing small favors for others who aren’t working toward their’s either.

It all starts with saying, “no,” and it’s okay to start small.

Most people have a hard time with it. I get it. But I’m giving you permission. Heck, I’m begging you!

Don’t say “Yes” just two times next week. Try it.

Leave a little time for you.


  1. Say “No” to a request twice next week.
  2. Set that time aside and take one SMALL step towards a dream you’ve always wanted to work on or something you wanted to learn more about. (Hint: It doesn’t matter if you pick the wrong thing, just pick something to take an action on.)
  3. Repeat.

Originally Published on Medium