At What Point Should a Student Entrepreneur Drop Out?


Every student studying entrepreneurship MUST start their own company while in school. Hands down. No question about it. There is no way to learn the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, except to just do it. Yes. There are a lot of great books every first time founder should read, student or not. Professors who have actually built a company themselves can be a wealth of valid information. However, all of this knowledge has to be hung on a framework of real experience. This just so happens to be my (and many other’s) philosophy for education in all sorts of fields. In the case … [Read more...]

The One Word that Hurts Students the Most

Photo Credit: Jonathan Jones, The Photo Jones

The single biggest change students can make to move their careers forward quickly is to stop calling themselves students. Being a student often limits what young people think of themselves and their own capabilities. There is an understanding that if you are a student you are only learning, not actually doing. By standard definitions, being a student requires no action. I looked the definition up on Google: Student (n.) - a person who is studying at a school or college. It denotes someone who is studying in order to enter a particular profession. A person who takes an interest in a … [Read more...]

Do the Laundry: Why Mundane Life Tasks Are Important When Building a Startup


You wake up. Grab everything still scattered on your desk from last night and cram it in a bag. You’re probably wearing running shoes with your dress socks. You may or may not have remembered to brush your teeth or eat breakfast. With that, you’re off. On to the next 14 hour day. Again. And again. You’ll try to get as much done as possible. You don’t know when you’ll get home again and your roommate is ready to move out on you because you’re never home during normal hours to give him friendship. Today could include writing copy, sales, talking with that new pilot that’s already having … [Read more...]

Your Dreams Matter: Start saying “No”


We’re obsessed with getting better. We’re taught to do everything. We feel guilty for not going to that event. We feel guilty for not calling someone back. We feel guilty for not doing that favor. Serving others is great. I know, give before you get, right? Cool. That’s great. But not when it leaves you no time to crush it on your own work. When’s the last time you carved out a few hours for YOUR THING? Do you even have a side project right now? Is there a block of time on your calender in the next two months to take action on your dream? Say no. Be selfish with your time. … [Read more...]

Malcolm Gladwell at Belmont University

Photo via Blue Ivory Creative

This past Friday, Malcolm Gladwell spoke at Belmont University for a leadership breakfast. Fortunately for me, a group of students was allowed in. A few of you asked on Twitter, so here are a few notes from the talk. At the bottom you can find links to other articles written from last week and a TED Talk Malcolm did a while ago. Malcolm Gladwell has been speaking on legitimacy and how, when a person or group of people feel that their legitimacy has been challenged, it will drive people to fight. Anger is a direct result of feeling illegitimate, and depending on the person, that anger can … [Read more...]