Current Education Models Don’t Foster Entrepreneurship

Photo Credit: Jonathan Jones, The Photo Jones

Last weekend, Three Day Startup came to Nashville and took 37 Vanderbilt students through an intense, three day accelerator. They went from idea, through testing assumptions, customer discovery, business modeling, and finally pitch development, in under three days. One team, was out testing an MVP by hour 26. How’s that for education? Within college classrooms today, business students work with business students. Engineers with engineers. Computer scientists with computer scientists. The current model of learning doesn’t foster entrepreneurship. Collaboration does. Over the past three … [Read more...]

Deavor Opens Community-Centric Coworking Space in Nashville


Deavor has been in the works for months, quietly preparing to launch their own brand of coworking into the growing Nashville market. With the aim of creating a family of digital creatives, true friends working together and supporting one another, Deavor will be application only (opening next week). As they grew, molded their plan, and made decisions, they didn’t share much. Deavor’s website andsocial media were full of cryptic messages and out of focus images that left us wanting more. This week, they are letting it all out of the bag with a launch party Thursday, January 16. [View Original … [Read more...]

10 DOs to Do on OKDOTHIS During Thanksgiving Travels


Yesterday afternoon, Jeremy Cowart launched his much-anticipated iPhone photo sharing app, OKDOTHIS. And when I say “much-anticipated,” I mean it. At just over one day post-launch, the app is already #4 in the Top Paid Apps on Apple’s App Store. Cowart has worked around the world as a photographer since 2005. He has been developing the ideas behind OKDOTHIS in his mind for years and finally brought it to Nashville-based mobile app developer, Aloompa. Together, the team spent over a year developing what you can now explore. [View Original Post...] … [Read more...]

Google Glass and Wearable Tech with Dr. Syb


Last week Google released the Glass Developer Kit and then this weekend released the Glass Mirror API. With these two releases, development for Glass is ramping up. Wanting to learn more about the exciting future of wearable tech, I recently met with Dr. Sybril Bennett. In addition to being an early Google Glass Explorer, Dr. Syb speaks internationally and is a Professor at Belmont University where she helped develop the New Century Journalism program. This summer, she released her book, “Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad,” in which she uses the Underground Railroad to … [Read more...]

The Winners of the 2013 NEXT Awards


Last night, The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center hosted the 2013 NEXT Awards at the Music City Center to celebrate the top entrepreneurial successes this past year. Hearing the stories of so many upcoming startups was inspiring and encouraging. Michael Burcham, the CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, knows what drives a thriving city and made a point to thank all of the nominees for their work in making Nashville the growing city that it is. [View Original Post...] … [Read more...]

Social Media for Startups – Nancy VanReece Speaks at Nashville EC

Photo Credit: Ryan Carter, Parachute Media

Nancy VanReece is the owner of Carpe Diem Management, where she consults on the use of social media in online story telling. She is inspired by the people around her and strives every day to tell stories creatively online. Last night, Nancy spoke at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center on social media and the keys to a strong presence online. Don’t get caught up in little details. Posts per day, length of tweets, best times to post for Facebook, etc. None of that matters if it has you so hung up that you’re A) not sharing anything at all, or B) coming across as desperate in your posts. [View … [Read more...]

The Early Rise of Nashville’s Creative Class


This post is a continuation of a series we are doing from BarCamp Nashville. Our partner, Clark Buckner, is the owner of Buck Branding and ETPcast where he podcasts interviews with entrepreneurs from across the South.  He also takes the recording action live, traveling to events like BarCamp Nashville to record interviews with key attendees. [View Original Post...] The creative class moving forward is going to drive our economy, technology, innovation and cities. - Bryan Huddleston   … [Read more...]

Google Facilitates New North American Tech Hub Network


In late September, Google for Entrepreneurs announced a new partnership with seven key tech hubs in North America. One of the members of that prestigious group is Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center. Moving further into the year, Google and their new partners have met to define what this partnership will ultimately look like and what it means for the companies in the seven accelerators and coworking spaces that are a part of the program. [View Original Post...] … [Read more...]

Moving Together


For Creativity Moves Nashville we sent our content partner, Clark Buckner, over to interview key attendees at the event. In the recording below, he talks with the event’s founder Jacob Weiss, who has written for us leading up to the event, as well as a key speaker. You can listen to the live event coverage here, or head below to read Clark’s own thoughts on the event, its importance, and what it could become in the future as it continues to grow. [View Original Post...] … [Read more...]

Incrowd Capital Launches in Nashville


Phillip Shmerling launched his new business, InCrowd Capital as a new form of angel investing that allows those with the money, but very little experience in investing, to get in the game. Many have thought, and misreported, that he is building a crowd funding platform, when that is not the case. This new business is still only for accredited investors and is private. Take a look at the full post for more information on Shmerling's brilliant new way of investing. [View Original Post...] … [Read more...]