Open Letter to Students of the Nashville Entrepreneur Community


This letter was originally published on as a guest post, pushing the students of Nashville to engage in the entrepreneurship community earlier. There are a wealth of connections to be made, students just have to make the first step. Be bold. [...View Original Post] We need to start plugging business students into the entrepreneurship community beginning their first and second years. The day after graduation isn’t the time to start learning what problems actually need to be solved. Many students come here for a great program at one of the local universities, but … [Read more...]

From Music City to the Mile High City


When I worked with Luke and Kathryn last summer, they were just starting their new company, Blue Ivory Creative. A top client from the beginning was Jefferson Santos, a sales professional and world traveler. Blue Ivory has traveled extensively with Jefferson to develop his brand. In this post, we highlight our trip to Denver, Colorado where Jefferson spoke to thousands of people before leaving for Mexico with him and his wife the following week. Be sure to check out the motivational highlight video in the full post. [...View Full Post] … [Read more...]

The Value of Interning in a Coworking Space

Ben McIntyre CoLab 2

Students must begin getting out into their intended industries earlier. For business students, there really isn't any better way to meet professionals from various industries than to be involved in a coworking space. Whether a student gets a membership to go do school work, decides to intern there, or begins and then runs a new company from their space, the connections that happen will prove vital to their future success. Simply being involved early means the student is opened up to a whole new world of opportunity while still in college. [...Read Full Post] … [Read more...]

Blue Ivory Creative Looks For Its First Home in Nashville


Coworking is a growing trend in Nashville. It gets entrepreneurs around a group of peers and a collaborative environment. In this post, Luke, Kathryn and I explored the idea of moving their company, Blue Ivory Creative, into a coworking space like CoLab in Nashville. They were growing quickly and with their love of positive energy, they knew a fast paced environment would keep them moving and keep the juices flowing. [...View Full Post].   … [Read more...]

What’s Next Watson? A Millinnial’s Take on IBM’s Latest Innovation


This post originally appeared on Digital Biz Wire and was written for IBM after their May, 2013 Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Nashville, TN. During Smarter Commerce, Ben McIntyre was hired as a part of a team of live social media reporters for IBM through Served Fresh Media. [...View Original Post] In the first session of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Manoj Saxon got on stage to speak about Watson. He spoke of it uses in healthcare and customer service, and while those were impressive, one ability jumped out at me even … [Read more...]