BenRMcIntyreYou get one life, make it count!

Hey, I’m Ben McIntyre! I champion young peoples’ incredible potential.

To do this, I’m currently building and equipping a great team at Internpreneur, an experiential education company connecting outstanding college students and growing employers for top paid internships and entry-level jobs. Using internships, Internpreneur puts experiential classrooms inside companies to ensure our nation’s brightest graduates have the experience and relationships they need to launch into meaningful careers, and gives employers access to the talent they need to continue growing themselves and our nation’s economy.

Entrepreneurship is an art, and business building is my creative outlet. Artists look at the world and communicate what they see through their work. As an entrepreneur, I look at the world, see problems and build solutions.

I am a dreamer, doer, constant learner, explorer, and conscious steward of the blessings, opportunities and influence God has given me.

Never forget your dreams – God gave them to you for a reason!