The One Word that Hurts Students the Most

The single biggest change students can make to move their careers forward quickly is to stop calling themselves students. Being a student often limits what young people think of themselves and their own capabilities. There is an understanding that … [Read more]

Your Dreams Matter: Start saying “No”

We’re obsessed with getting better. We’re taught to do everything. We feel guilty for not going to that event. We feel guilty for not calling someone back. We feel guilty for not doing that favor. Serving others is great. I know, give before … [Read more]

Malcolm Gladwell at Belmont University

This past Friday, Malcolm Gladwell spoke at Belmont University for a leadership breakfast. Fortunately for me, a group of students was allowed in. A few of you asked on Twitter, so here are a few notes from the talk. At the bottom you can find … [Read more]

Google Glass and Wearable Tech with Dr. Syb

Last week Google released the Glass Developer Kit and then this weekend released the Glass Mirror API. With these two releases, development for Glass is ramping up. Wanting to learn more about the exciting future of wearable tech, I recently met with … [Read more]

The Winners of the 2013 NEXT Awards

Last night, The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center hosted the 2013 NEXT Awards at the Music City Center to celebrate the top entrepreneurial successes this past year. Hearing the stories of so many upcoming … [Read more]